John Dalton 250th Anniversary Symposium

A one-day parallel symposium celebrating the life and work of John Dalton will be convened by Professor Mats Tilset (University of Oslo). The symposium will be of two parts reflecting both his career in teaching and his innovative contributions to teaching practice, as well as the fundamental contributions he made to Chemistry and our understanding of the elements.

Part 1, in partnership with the Division of Chemical Education and the Working Party on the History of Chemistry, will provide an historical introduction and context, emphasizing the role of teaching as a place for groundbreaking innovation and the influence of teaching methodologies upon the shape of science.

In Part 2, Professor Paul O’Brien (University of Manchester) will present a Plenary talk to highlight and celebrate John Dalton and the majority of the session will show-case a series of flash lectures of 3-minute duration (poster appetizers) in an entertaining and lively format.

If you wish to participate in this event with an oral presentation, you must submit an abstract form, checking the appropriate box in the Theme drop-down menu.

At 6TH EuCheMS-Congress Seville, we invite young chemists to an unforgettable 250th birthday celebration for famous chemist and educator John Dalton (Sept 6, 1766 – July 26, 1844). John Dalton’s 250th Anniversary will be celebrated with a dedicated Symposium during the EuCheMS Chemistry Congress in Seville. Everyone is invited and we are seeking contributors. Will you be one of them?

The birthday party includes invited lectures highlighting John Dalton’s contributions as a scientist and educator in the morning session. Details about this will be announced.

However, the most festive part of this symposium will be the afternoon Dalton Grand Slam Session during which younger chemists like you will actively engage the audience with their own connection to Dalton and the world of chemistry. The contributions to this slam session, made up from 3-minute slam presentations, will exclusively be made by enthusiastic and talented undergraduate, graduate, PhD students, and postdoctoral chemists! This will end our birthday celebration in a vibrant firework of sparkling performances.

Dalton initiated a whole new way of conceiving matter and chemical reactions in terms of atoms, a concept on which our present chemistry is still based. But he also was a devoted and inventive teacher, and a keen observer of nature and himself, to the point of being the first one to scientifically describe colorblindness. We seek young chemists passionate about their science, who are eager and ready to present themselves and their work in a very offbeat, colorful and personalized way: Yes, your personality matters, because your personality shapes your chemistry activities, and therefore you are as important as your chemistry – just the way it was for Dalton, 250 years ago!

Become a fellow participant of the John Dalton Birthday Club – Apply for participation before April 29, 2016, by submitting an abstract for oral or poster presentations. When you do so simply indicate if you want to present an oral, a short oral for the Grand Slam Session or a poster for the Dalton & Me poster session, selecting as theme S1 John Dalton 250th Anniversary Symposium.

Important notice: Presentations dealing with any aspects of chemistry are welcome! Also, if you have already submitted an abstract for a regular poster presentation to the conference organizer, you can participate with the same topic in the “Dalton Grand Slam Session” by using the same abstract, and connecting it to Dalton’s life and work, see below.

There are two possible ways by which you can actively participate in the celebration:

1) Presentation of a special poster at “Dalton & Me Poster Session


2) Contribution with a 3-minute oral presentation in the “Dalton Grand Slam Session

Abstract and application form for Dalton & Me Poster Session:

• Prepare a fresh, offbeat, lively and open minded poster
• Prepare a uniquely personalized, imaginative poster
• Show clearly a personalized connection between you and John Dalton – this feature must be included and highlighted – therefore, make clear what aspect of Dalton’s life and work you particularly relate to

Application to contribute with an oral presentation to Dalton Grand Slam Session

• Prepare an ultrashort (3-minute) oral presentation
• Use any original on-screen multimedia capabilities (photographs, video, music)
• Show clearly a personalized connection between you and John Dalton – this feature must be included and highlighted

As a fellow of the John Dalton Birthday Party you will be awarded a special diploma – and you have a chance to win one of the John Dalton Birthday Awards!

We look forward to your joining us on this special occasion!

Mats Tilset, Sylviane Sabo-Etienne, and Brigitte Van Tiggelen (organizers)