Theme A. Education and Society

Topic A1, Chemistry Education
Anthony K. Smith
CPE Lyon, France
Topic A2, Chemistry, Society and Public Engagement
Eugenio Caponetti
University of Palermo, IT
Topic A3, Wealth Creation and Society
Miguel Valcarcel
University of Cordoba, ES

Theme B. The Environment, Energy, and Sustainability

Topic B1, Sustainable Energy and Air Quality
Erwin Reisner
University of Cambridge, UK
Topic B1, Sustainable Energy and Air Quality
Moritz Kuehnel
University of Cambridge, UK
Topic B2, Environment and Natural Resources Management
Manuel Nunes da Ponte
University NOVA of Lisbon, PT
Topic B3, Sustainable Chemistry
Michele Aresta
Topic B4, Food Chemistry
Livia Simon Sarkadi
University of Budapest, HU

Theme C. New Chemical Compounds: Synthesis, Methods and Industrial Processes

Topic C1, Synthesis and reactivity in Metal based Compounds
Anna Proust
University Paris VI, FR
Topic C2, Synthesis and reactivity in Carbon based Compounds
Marko Mihovilovic
TU Wien, AT
Topic C3, Methods and Mechanisms
Maria José Calhorda
University of Lisbon, PT
Topic C4, Catalysis in Solution
Ana Albeniz
University of Valladolid, ES

Theme D. Catalysis, Industry and Applications

Topic D1, Chemistry in Industry
Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou
IFP Energies nouvelles, Lyon, FR
Topic D2, New Industrial Processes
Laura Torrente
University of Cambridge, UK
Topic D2, New Industrial Processes
Regina Palkovits
Topic D3, Catalysis at Interfaces
Martin Olazar

Theme E. Materials, Devices and Nanochemistry

Topic E1, Materials Chemistry (for Biomedicine)
Don Hilvert
ETH Zurich, CH
Topic E2, Nanomaterials, Devices, Technology and Applications
Liberato Manna
IIT Genova, IT
Topic E3, Analytical techniques, characterization and properties
Bruno Chaudret
CNRS Tolouse, FR
Topic E4, Carbon Based Nanomaterials
Michele Maggini
University of Padova, IT

Theme F. Properties of Matter

Topic F1, States of Matter
Eleanor Campbell
University of Edinburgh, UK
Topic F2, Properties of Materials
Eugenio Coronado
University of Valencia, ES
Topic F3, Polymer Chemistry
Julius Vancso
University of Twente, NL
Topic F3, Polymer Chemistry
Peter Griffiths
University of Greenwich, UK
Topic F4, Computational environments for molecular science
Antonio Laganà
University of Perugia, IT

Theme G. Physical, Analytical and Experimental Methods in Chemistry

Topic G1, Analytical and Physical Methods
George Horvai
University of Budapest, HU
Topic G2, Determination of Structure and Physical Properties
Wolfgang Kautek
University of Wien, AT
Topic G3, Chemical Dynamics
Martin Quack
ETH Zurich, CH

Theme H. Chemistry in the Life Sciences

Topic H1, Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
Roberto Pellicciari
University of Perugia, IT
Topic H1, Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
Janos Fischer
Gedeon Richter, HU
Topic H2, Biomacromolecules
Roland Sigel
University of Zurich, CH
Topic H3, Methods and Application-Chemistry-Biology interface
Eva Toth
CNRS Orleans, FR
Topic H4, In Silico Methods in Life Sciences
Sonsoles Martín-Santamaría

Mats Tilset
University of Oslo, NO

Paulo Vieira
University of Sao Carlos, BR

Iwona Maciejowska
Jagiellonian University, PL