Outstanding speakers have already confirmed their attendance. 5 Nobel Laureates will participate in the Congress offering plenary lectures. Ada Yonah, Richard Schrock, Aaron Ciechanover, Harold Kroto and Jean-Marie Lehn will offer conferences at 6th EuChems. Avelino Corma, Spain’s most awarded chemist and recent Prince of Asturias award has also confirmed his assistance and joins these spectacular group of plenary lecturers.

2014 Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research. ES
Avelino Corma
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009. IL
Ada Yonath

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005. USA
Richard R. Schrock
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2004. IL
Aaron Ciechanover

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996. UK
Harold Walter Kroto
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1987. FR
Jean-Marie Pierre Lehn

EuCheMS Lecture Award 2014. FR
Gérad Férey
Laboratoire de Chimie Organique ESPCI ParisTech. FR
Janine Cossy

University of Florence. IT
Roberta Sessoli
University of Groningen, NL
Ben Feringa