Chemistry & Society debate

Organised by FORO QUÍMICA Y SOCIEDAD, Spain’s platform for the defence and communication of Chemistry as a beneficial science to society at large within the context of6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress.
A debate among major Chemistry figures of different fields and disciplines who will shed light on how Chemistry will solve the major social and environmental challenges that population growth pose for humanity, the role of social perception in scientific advance and the ethical aspirations of research and science.

Open session to which all delegates are warmly welcome.

Coordinator: Carlos Negro, President Foro Química & Sociedad

Moderator: Jorge Alcalde, Director of the general scientific information magazine QUO


  • Ehud Keinan, President Israel Chemistry Society (IL).
  • Antón Valero, Spain Chemical Industry Business Federation President, FEIQUE (ES)
  • Jean Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1987 (FR)
  • Robert Parker, Royal Society of Chemistry CEO (UK)
  • Hartmut Frank, Professor Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology, University of Bayreuth (DE)

The Foro Química & Sociedad has the Congress as a very special occasion to present for the first time the The Seville International Declaration of Chemistry 2016. This declaration comes to update the Chemistry Declaration proclaimed in Madrid on April 16th of 2002 that was supported by Nobel Chemistry Prize, Jean Marie Lehn.

At the end of the debate, Carlos Negro will publicly read the 2016 Declaration. Thereafter all congress participants will be encouraged to subscribe.