Angela Agostiano

Angela Agostiano is full professor of Physical Chemistry, at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bari-Italy and Head of the Bari division of the CNR-IPCF (Institute for Physico-Chemical Processes of the National Council of Research)


She is the Scientific responsible of regional, national and international research projects, Member of the Board of Physical Chemistry Division, Member of Scientific Board of INSTM (National Institute for Materials Science and Technology).

Delegate of the Rector of the University of Bari for the doctorate and post-doctorate policy and Member of the evaluation board of the Italian Evaluation Agency (ANVUR) Author of more than 220 publications in the following fields:

Preparation and characterization of nanosized semiconductors for photochemical, environmental and sensing application and assembling of nanocrystals in organised structures or polymer matrix; characterisation from spectroscopical, structural, morphological and photo-electrochemical pointsof view Photochemical, electrochemical and photo-electrochemical studies of the processes involved in the photosynthetic systems Isolation, reconstitution and chemical-physics investigation of biomaterials involved in biological energy transduction and molecular recognition.