Responsible Research and Innovation in a Chemical Education Workshop

We invite broad and open-minded people willing to share their thoughts and experience. We know that the topic is difficult, and that is why it is worth facing it.

Take up the challenge!

How to do Research and Innovation in a responsible way is an increasingly important question in all aspects of science and science policy. How to teach it and how to involve society in that process are even more difficult problems.

A workshop aimed at exploring the introduction of responsible research and innovation methods and practices at universities and schools will not allow you to remain passive listeners.

Lecturers from various parts of Europe: Ria Dolfing (University of Amsterdam), Paola Ambrogi (University of Bologna), Iwona Maciejowska (Jagiellonian University in Krakow), Laura and Gabriel Gorghiu (Valahia University Targoviste) will present the examples of good practice, but they will also invite the participants to perform simple tasks, reflect and attempt to answer the following, sometimes provocative questions:

  • Is it really so that anyone (regardless of his or her age, education, knowledge level, etc.) can participate in the RRI process?

  • In what contexts should we introduce RRI to make students truly engage in a profound reflection on those issues? Do we need (and possibly – why do we need) to do that?

  • What may be the limitations and advantages of open discussion on e.g. ethical issues between students of different ages and scientists and industry representatives?