6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress inaugurated today

  • A relevant number of local, regional and European authorities, industry representatives and organisers welcomed attendants in the 10th anniversary of the congress celebration.
  • United States Nobel Chemistry Prize 2005, Richard Shrock offered the first Plenary lecture
  • Two prestigious awards granted
  • Exhibition was also inaugurated

September 11th, 2016. – 6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress was inaugurated today in Seville under the theme: Chemistry Shaping the Future and celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The following authorities joined the opening including regional governments’ Junta de Andalucía’s Employment, Industry and Trade minister, José Sánchez Maldonado; María Carmen Clarisa Castreño Lucas, First Deputy Mayor of the city of Seville; Søren Bøwadt, EU’s DG Research & Innovation; Pedro Miró, Cepsa’s CEO; as well as Cole-Hamilton, EuCheMS President; Ernesto Castañeda, ANQUE President; Peter Edwards, Scientific Committee President and Carlos Negro, Congress Co-Chair.

They highlighted the social and scientific relevance of the event for Europe, Spain and Seville. “EuCheMS, the independent voice for chemistry in Europe works placing chemistry at the heart of policy and planning in Europe. This congress is our most relevant event yet,” said Cole-Hamilton. Ernesto Castañeda, added “ANQUE is proud to have attracted the congress to Spain, one of Europe’s most dynamic Chemistry communities in Europe”. He thanked EuCheMS for the trust placed in ANQUE, all the institutional support received, sponsors for their contributions and the great work done by so many people, very specially Carlos Negro in its preparation during these previous years.

The congress started on a high note with Richard Shrock, United States Nobel Chemistry Prize 2005 offering the first Plenary lecture, which announced Recent Advances in Olefin Metathesis by Molybdenum and Tungsten Catalysts. His contributions have allowed for the development of applications that help produce more efficient chemical reactions for industrial processes with lesser residues.

Gérard Férey, the prestigious French Chemist, offered a plenary lecture that reviewed “From the history to current applications of metal-organic frameworks”. Highlighting the new avenues in this field of research described by the author as the most promising for the future of the domains of energy, environment and health.

The opening act hosted two of the most important chemistry awards in the world:

  • EuCheMS Award Ceremony where David Cole-Hamilton, granted the prize to Professor Helena Grennberg and EuCheMS Lecture 2014 to Gérard Férey

  • Royal Society of Chemistry Spiers Memorial Award 2016 to Spain’s brilliant chemist, Avelino Corma

After the opening ceremony, the congress exhibition was inaugurated with 26 organisations displaying the latest, services, products and advances to the chemistry community gathered in the event.

Follow all the information in the congress website and download the free congress APP www.euchems-seville2016.eu/


The National Chemists Association of Spain, ANQUE is currently a professional association with a 65 year history, a well recognised prestige and more than 10.000 members. It is the largest chemists association in Spain and the best established in all regions.

ANQUE offers a number of services and exclusive benefits to its members and WORKS IN THE DEFENCE OF Chemistry and its professionals at national and regional level.

Press Release 090916-6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress starts tomorrow.

ANQUE’s mission consists in providing a common voice for chemists and represent the interests and image of the profession, improve chemists the scientific and professional level in Spain and achieve the highest social recognition and awareness for their contributions in society at large.

ANQUE aims at fostering chemists’ activities in all areas including science, technology, society, economy, culture both nationally and internationally.

About EuCheMS

EuCheMS, the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences, aims to nurture a platform for scientific discussion and to provide a single, unbiased European voice on key policy issues in chemistry and related fields.

EuCheMS has been active since 1970, when it was created under the name of FECS (Federation of European Chemical Sciences). Representing more than 160,000 chemists from more than 40 Member Societies and other chemistry related organisations, EuCheMS relies on a unique network of active researchers involved in all the fields of chemistry. Through this network, EuCheMS organises several specialised academic conferences as well as the biannual EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, the European congress of chemical sciences. EuCheMS also promotes the role and image of the chemical sciences among the general public and policy-makers through social media, newsletters and through the organisation of conferences and workshops open to the society.

Through the promotion of chemistry and by providing expert and scientific advice, EuCheMS aims to take part in the solution to today´s major societal challenges.