6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress features Spain’s most brilliant Chemists

  • Nazario Martín and Avelino Corma have offered plenary lectures today.
  • Parallel sessions have dealt with current issues like the management of carbon Dioxide, education, research, chemistry in Latin America and funding opportunities

September 11th, 2016. – Today, two of Spain’s most brilliant and awarded chemists have presented Plenary lectures. In the morning Nazario Martín has presented “Current Challenges in Fullerenes Chemistry” honouring the recently deceased Nobel Prize Harry Kroto. Martín is one of Spain’s most cited chemists and has authored over 300 scientific articles. He also presides Scientific societies in Spain. About fullerenes he said: “It is still soon to determine the scope and importance of the discovery of fullerenes. However, no doubt, these new carbon nanostructures will play an essential role in the development of the coming era of nanoscience and nanotechnology.”

Closing the afternoon sessions Avelino Corma offered the Plenary lecture “Building fundamental Knowledge for Catalyst design and Catalyst design for industrial application”. Corma is without a doubt Spain’s most awarded Chemist. In fact, during the previous congress day, he was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Spiers Memorial Award for 2016. A prolific author and researcher, who has published over 900 papers and holds more than 150 patents, Professor Corma works on the design of solid catalysts – materials that accelerate chemical reactions and direct the formation of the desired product. His research aims to design catalysts for specific reactions, by attempting to unravel how the reactants and the surface of the catalyst interact at the molecular level.

In addition to the many scientific sessions, today there were also held several very interesting parallel events. A Round Table Discussion session entitled “Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization: a step towards a circular C-economy” convened by Professor Michele Aresta and lead by a panel of senior researchers in the field, explored current issues in the management of carbon dioxide including those of environmental significances, carbon capture, political and economic drivers, challenges and opportunities for the future.

EuCheMS Congress expands beyond European frontiers. Thus, the American Chemical Society, ACS, one of the congress’ sponsors together with EuCheMS have organized a Symposium on the elements of transnational Exchange in chemistry and STEM. America once more has had an active presence with The Latin American Federation of Chemical Associations (FLAQ) who have held a Symposium aimed at encouraging cooperation and collaboration between European and Latin American scientists.

Education is one of the congress main themes. Today a Responsible Research and Innovation in Chemical Education Workshop has been held.

The European Research Council, organism that also participates as exhibitor, has celebrated a session dedicated to Funding Opportunities for creative minds. This session chaired by EuCheMS president, David Cole-Hamilton, has presented ERC funding schemes to attendants.

Follow all the information in the congress website and download the free congress APP www.euchems-seville2016.eu/