Eugenio Caponetti

Eugenio Caponetti was born at Pollina (PA) on February 15th 1948. In the 1972, he was graduated in Chemistry at the Palermo University.

Position: Full Professore at the STEBICEF Department, Palermo University.

Teaching: Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-materials for Chemistry graduated students.Physical-Chemistry Methodologies for Conservation and Restoration students.

Research: Characterization of dispersed systems like micellar solutions and microemulsion. Synthesis and characterization of nano-particles and nano-structured materials. Synthesis and characterization of nano-structured composites.

Physicochemical analysis, microanalysis, non destructive testing, characterization and diagnostics of artefacts of Cultural Heritage interest.

He is member of the coordinating board of the ECTN intensive Schools on Conservation Science

He is member of ARCHMAT (Erasmus Mundus master in ARCHeological MATirials science) panel

He is the Director of UniNetLab (Laboratory Network of Palermo University)

He is Scientific Director of the “Centro Grandi Apparecchiature” of Palermo University.

He is leader of one of the tree projects of the High Technology District for the Innovation in the field of Cultural Heritage of Regione Siciliana (DTBC): Development and application of innovative materials and processes for the diagnosis and restoration of Cultural Heritage (DELIAS)

He has published more than 150 papers in peered reviewed journals.