Professor Peter Edwards

Peter G. Edwards is Professor of Chemistry, School of Chemistry, Cardiff University, CF10 3AT, Cardiff.

Peter Edwards studied for his BSc and PhD (1979) at Imperial College London, the latter with the late Professor Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson. He spent time as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the University of Southern California (1979-82) and the University of California at Berkeley (1982-84). Following this, he was appointed as Lecturer in Chemistry in Cardiff, in 1984.

He has served on numerous UK and European research council committees and is a recent past-President of the Dalton Division of The Royal Society of Chemistry (2004–7). He has a strong interest in the public promotion of Chemistry and worked extensively with schools in developing teaching and learning materials for young people.

His research interests include: synthesis and characterisation of d-block complexes of functionalised multidentate ligands and phosphorus macrocycles; actinide and lanthanide co-ordination chemistry with new multidentate ligands; synthesis and applications of transition metal and lanthanide complexes in bio- medical imaging (diagnostic agents) and therapy (pharmaceutical agents).

As well as lecturing widely and publishing over 110 research papers in primary journals, he has made key contributions towards the commercially successful development of clinical heart imaging agents (by SPECT) and in homogeneous catalysts for acrylate resin manufacture.