Privacy Policy

VIAJES TRANSVIA S.A., provider of ECOMAGENT Profile is committed to the protection of your personal data and guarantees it according to the International Data Protection and Privacy Law.

Please note that this translation has only been provided to you for your convenience.

By using this website or this service, personal information and technical data will be collected, stored, processed (and deleted). Please find an overview below:

Personal Data

To use the ECOMAGENT Profile, various personal information must be provided (last name, first name, email, postal address and password). This data is required to provide individualized access to our services.

Automatic Technical Collection of Data

By using this website, various technical data will be collected automatically. Among this, but not restricted to, is the following information: operating system, browser type and version used, referrer URL, IP address, date and time of access. This data will be saved routinely and deleted automatically after an appropriate period of time. This data may be linked to individual user data.

The use of some services may require the acceptance of cookies (text files that may, for example, contain your preferences and login data to allow automatic log-in and extended functionality). The usage of cookies can be configured in the settings of your computer; there you may also delete them.

Processing & Distribution

All data mentioned above will only be collected as far as necessary for the provision of the services described (non-optional fields). Additional data may be provided voluntarily (optional fields) to increase the quality of service.

All data is being collected, saved, processed and deleted according to International data protection laws and regulations. Whenever necessary for the provision of services, data may be transmitted to sub-contractors or service providers. This may include transmission of data to other countries.

Your data may be made available to governmental authorities, e.g. if a venue has increased security regulations.

Your data may also be used for communication and information related to the event.

According to your preferences stated in section Privacy Policy Acceptance while creating a new profile, your data may also be used for further purposes.

Right of Information

You may at any time request information on all data stored in connection with you, including data source, data recipients, and the purpose of data storage and processing. Please contact us using the contact details available in the “Contact” section of this website. To receive the requested information you must prove that you are an eligible recipient.

Data Protection Official

Should you have any questions regarding the handling of your personal information, please contact our data protection official. Together with data protection staff, this person is also your point of contact for requests for information, suggestions or complaints.

You may send your data protection inquiries by contact page.

Best Regards.