Bob Tooze

After obtaining a BSc and PhD in Chemistry from Imperial College London (the latter under the supervision of Professor Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson) Bob joined ICI and has subsequently worked in the chemical industry for nearly 30 years.

This career has spanned various businesses and locations but always in R&D. He joined Sasol Technology UK (STUK) in 2002 as Research Director and was made Managing Director in 2004.

He has established an international Research group responsible for medium and long term research in the area of catalysis, materials science and advice and recommendations on science strategy, policy and priorities to the Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland (CSA) and to the Scottish Government.

He is currently Chair of Chemical Sciences Scotland. He has wide experience of collaborative research both nationally and internationally. He was Chairman of the Industrial Board of IdeCat, an integrated Network of Excellence comprising of 40 of the leading Catalysis Laboratories in Europe.

He sits on various University Advisory Boards (Bristol, Bath and Durham) and is also currently Chairman of the Industrial Advisory Panel of the UK Catalysis Hub, a new £15m initiative supported by the EPSRC.

Bob holds an honorary Professorship in Chemistry at the University of St Andrews giving lecture courses in the field of catalysis. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2013.