Gérad Férey

The EuCheMS Lecture Award serves to strengthen the image of EuCheMS and of European chemistry in general, promoting scientific cooperation among chemists in Europe

Since 1992, Gérard Férey, Professor at the University of Versailles (France), has devoted his scientific career to the genesis, the structures, some mechanisms of formation, as well as the properties and applications of porous solids, either with an inorganic or a hybrid organic- inorganic framework, in order to reach rationally ‘tailor-made’ materials, through an integrated strategy. More than 150 new structural types resulted from this approach, with useful pore dimensions ranging from 8 to 40 Å. A careful choice of the metals of the precursors made that most of them are thermally stable (up to 600°C) and resistant to humidity, two criteria needed for eventual applications coupled with reactions performed in water.

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