Carbon Dioxide Chemistry – Round Table Discussion

MONDAY, 12th September- AUDITORIUM 2
10:45-12:45 h.
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization: a step towards a circular C-economy. Round Table Discussion
Coordinator: Michele Aresta (IT)

A discussion session convened by Professor Michele Aresta and lead by a panel of senior researchers in the field explores current issues in the management of carbon dioxide. Key issues of environmental significances, carbon capture, political and economic drivers, challenges and opportunities for the future will be discussed in an open session to which all delegates are warmly welcome.


  • Ulrich Schubert (EuCheMS)
  • Youssef Travely (SCOT)
  • Angela Dibenedetto (IT)
  • Angel Irabien (ES)
  • Victor de la Penya (COST)
  • Davide Mattia (UK)

Panelists will present the targets of EU/National Networks-Projects. Q&A session will follow.